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Your Mi is like you,
always can be more

Excellent wristband for Pocket Auto Catch Reviver, Miband 3 and Miband 4.

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Crystal Strap Black kv pic
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#Dominate Your Fashion

Shiny Black

The seven-color flashing is not the rainbow in the sky, but the glow on your arm.


There is always a restrained attraction belongs to you in the world.


There is a passion like fire, but never crosses the line, just like you.


Compared with you, the sun is never the warmest one.


7.6 billion people have 7.6 billion kinds of sky, but no cloud is freer than you.

#Start with Your Heart:
Gift for The People You Really Care

Showing your gratitude by a delicate present is heart touching. Pocket Crystal Strap is your best option made of the highest quality with RoHS certification. Well packed with your heart and sent to the people you love.

 embellished with the crystals from Swarovski® design
blue crystal Strap
shiny black crystal Strap

#Crystal Shines

High-end design embellished with the crystals make you shine.

#Safety with Quality

Made of high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane.
RoHS certification provides you the highest standard wearing experience.

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#Lite and Comfort

Light-weight with breathability design is perfect for sensitive skins with ultimate wearing comfort

crystal strap yellow
crystal strap red

#Sharp and precise design

Completely compatible with Mi Band. The old days has passed. Bring the new design with the device you love.


Perfect dimension design is compatible with Pocket Auto Catch Reviver, Xiaomi Miband 3 and Miband 4.

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Crystal Care Instructions

  1. Please keep the product away from water or liquid.
  2. Take the product off when going to a bath, hot spring bath, swimming pool or doing vigorous exercise.
  3. Avoid knocking against rough object and use of excessive force when wearing it, to prevent distortion or loosening of accessories.
  4. Polish Pocket Auto Catch Meteor / Pocket Crystal Strap with a soft cloth to main tain its original, lustrous finish before putting it after used.
  5. Please handle your Pocket Auto Catch Meteor / Pocket Crystal Strap with care; it is non-returnable for any damages or partial damages caused by pulling, Knocking, or corrosion.