Auto Catch Amulet

Bless your Pokémon GO life!
Auto catch Pokémon
Auto collect items
No buttons press required!




Able to play and charge with micro usb at the same time.

Catching Pokémon and collecting items just get easier!

Just be paired, then catch & collect!





  • Full-auto catch Pokémon
  • Full-auto collect items
  • You can easily switch mode inside of Game Settings.
  • No sound, no vibration, no annoying message




The new product can be used for more than 10 hours when fully charged.
In order to ensure the normal use of the product, it is recommended to charge regularly to avoid letting lithium ion batteries die.
If the power is too low and the product cannot be started normally, you can repeatedly plug and unplug the charging cable to wake up the battery.

Connection Pairing


  1. This product does not guarantee waterproof effect, not recommended using under humid environment.
  2. Please make sure Pocket Amulet is charged.
  3. Please charge the product before using for the first time.
  4. If you can’t connect your Pocket Amulet, please follow the steps below:
    • Go to “Bluetooth” in “Settings” on the phone to remove/clear Pokemon Go Plus.
    • Go to the settings in the game, excit/ clear Pokemon Go Plus.
    • Then press the pairing button on Pocket Amulet. When it pops up a new Pokemon Go Plus in the settings in the game, tap it to pair..connection of Pokémon go plus. Then you should be able to connect Pocket Amulet.
  5. Pocket Amulet may disconnected because of the update of Pokémon GO App, Android, and IOS. For these situations, Brook can not guarantee the capability of connection.

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