Evolve your Pokemon
Go Plus, your best
gotcha partner!!

Turn the screw left with the screw driver provided to remove the battery cover.

Take out the battery and replace with Pocket Energy.

Place Pocket Energy 15 angle against Pokemon Go Plus. There is a notch to be matched.

Turn Pocket Energy left to latch with Pokemon Go Plus. Then turn the screw right to tighten it.
How to install on
Charging your Pokemon Go Plus
easily with Pocket Energy

Plug your Micro USB into Pocket Energy.

When it’s charging: The red light indicates the device is in charging.

The blue light indicates charging is completed.

Low power alert :
When the flashing becomes red, it alerts you to charge pocket Energy.
How to charge the battery on
Pocket Energy helps you to charge your Pokemon Go Plus with micro USB instead of changing button cell battery all the time. This gives you the easiest way to recharge your Pokemon Go Plus anytime, anywhere! Think about the environment before throwing away any button cell battery. Get yourself a Pocket Energy!



Pokemon Go Plus

Pocket Energy

without button cell battery