Become a Pokemon trainer;
join the adventure.


Pocket Trainer  is multifunctional accessory designed for casual and hardcore Pokemon players.
It is the most convenient product to help you to explore and catch more and more Pokemon.
The amazing design included compass, LED torch, power bank, and more. Bring it with you to explore the world.

Never lose the ways
Provide light in the dark
Charge anytime at anywhere

Rechargeable with USB cable

Included Micro USB
and Lightning Adapter

animation alerts

Vibration Feedback

Catch all Pokemon from
generation I to III

Collect in-game items,
such as Pokeballs, lucky
eggs, and lures

Automatically catch the
Pokemon near you

Catch your Pokemon
without looking your

The Pocket Trainer may disconnect because of the update of Pokémon GO App, Android, and IOS. For these situations, Brook can not guarantee the capability of connection.