Brook After Warranty solution

Brook aim to provide best customer service and reputation, so we offer sound warranty and after warranty system. The After warranty solution under the following terms and conditions:

1. Definition

(1) “Brook series”means Brook products series be purchased by any Brook official partners and authorized retailers.

(2) “After Warranty”means the products has already over the Brook Warranty period shows in the official page “Warranty”period. Selected products can suit for the After Warranty solution.

(3) “Brook user”means end user who already bought and using the Brook products.

2. After Warranty Solution

(1) To provide great service to client after the warranty period, Brook provide the after warranty solution. Customers can use very special price to purchase refurbished select products in Brook official distributors and authorized retailers.

(2) The solution is in the only warranty on select Brook products and price list which is listed in the table (a).

(3) Brook users have to return the after warranty/RMA products to their original purchased retailer, and also can use the table (a) price to buy the refurbished product in from them.

(4) Brook refurbished products are using the unique Brook refurbished packing and sell to Brook users.

(5) Brook responsible of the refurbished products 3 months period works under the normal using.

3. Way to get After Warranty Solution

For Brook users easy to get select authorized retailer information of after service, please find the page of the RMA locations.