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reviver dia White Shard
reviver dia Jet Black
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Splendid Evolution

“Reviver Dia Plus”

With self-developed by Brook technical team, we offer much steadier quality along with such new functions as “Reminder for Disconnection” and “Battery capacity display. Meanwhile it also supports the exclusive APP “Pocket Center”, which enables you to enjoy a “Brighter Pokémon Catching Life!”

Much Steadier
Exclusive APP
「 Pocket Center 」



reviver dia White Shard

White Shard

Bright and shiny, attracting the attention of all with its luminosity.Share your joy of catching Pokémon with more people.

reviver dia Jet Black

Jet Black

Sleek and humble, with a sense of high quality.Suitable for lone players of Pokémon Go, catch them all one by one!

Features特 徴

Auto Catch and Collect
with High Efficiency

The efficiency of catching Pokémon improves greatly! No matter you are on the move or at work, you don’t have to worry about missing the chance to catch Pokémon or collect items!

Its battery life is
up to 18 hours

Prolonged battery life. It fights together with you from day to night!

* Newly-added Battery capacity display. Learn the battery level in a glimpse!


Vibration Reminder
for Disconnection

Once disconnecting with the game, the device will vibrate instantly to remind you! Maintain the uninterrupted Pokémon catching status!

More Features

Hard to fall off

IP67 for waterproof and dustproof

Compatible with Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 soft wrist strap

Firmware Update

Exclusive APP Support!!専用アプリ対応

Exclusive application "Pocket Center ", designed to support Auto Catch LIGHT, Watchic Plus, Reviver Plus, Reviver Dia Plus, and Auto Catch Plus. Providing you with the convenience of easily configuring all settings for Pocket Auto Catch products, while enjoying real-time firmware updates to ensure you always have the latest features and experience the best Pokémon-catching fun.

Disconnected Push Notification

Auto Bluetooth Pairing

Specially designed for Android users, the Pocket Center app features the exclusive "Disconnected Push Notification" function, providing instant alerts on the device's connection status to ensure you never miss any crucial moments. Additionally, there is an "Auto Bluetooth Pairing" function, eliminating the pairing steps for a quick game connection, allowing you to start your adventure immediately.


Auto Reconnect

To further enhance your user convenience, we introduce the subscription service with the "*Auto Reconnect" feature, letting you bid farewell to connection issues and continuously enjoy the Pokémon-catching excitement.

*The "Auto Reconnect" feature currently supports only Android systems. Support for iOS systems is actively in progress; please stay tuned!


Pocket Auto Catch
Reviver Case本革収納ケース

Compatible with Reviver、Reviver Dia、Reviver Plus、Reviver Dia Plus

* Pocket Auto Catch Reviver Case needs to be purchased separately

Selective Leather. Elaborate Handicraft.
Fully-Wrapped Design. Drop Proof and Impact Resistance.
Two Ways to Carry it around, Metal Ring or Buckle.
Transparent Protection with Strengthened Structure to Prevent from Dropping.

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Pocket Auto Catch
Reviver Dia Plus

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Reviver Auto Catch
Reviver Case

Compatible with Reviver、Reviver Dia、Reviver Plus、Reviver Dia Plus

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Pocket Auto Catch Reviver Dia Plus (Jet Black/ White Shard) x1
Wristband x1
Charging Cable x1
Manual(Multilingual) x1
Caught Speed
High efficiency
Bluetooth connection
Compatible with Mi Band 3 and 4 soft wrist strap
Vibration reminder (Catch, Collect)
Disconnect Vibration
Push Notification for Disconnect (APP) * Android System Only.
Battery capacity display
Firmware Update
Application Support
Bluetooth version
4.0 or above

Crystal Care Instructionsお手入れについて

  1. Please keep the product away from water or liquid.
  2. Take the product off when going to a bath, hot spring bath, swimming pool or doing vigorous exercise.
  3. Avoid knocking against rough object and use of excessive force when wearing it, to prevent distortion or loosening of accessories.
  4. Polish Pocket Auto Catch Reviver Dia with a soft cloth to main tain its original, lustrous finish before putting it after used.
  5. Please handle your Pocket Auto Catch Reviver Dia with care; it is non-returnable for any damages or partial damages caused by pulling, Knocking, or corrosion.
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