About Brook
Brook takes its name from a subspecies of chameleons – one of the world’s most adaptable creatures. For more than 50 million years, it has survived in the most challenging environments of this planet. Brook embodies the mutability and colorfulness of this interesting animal and develops creative products to your fascination. Brook is built by a Taiwanese company with over 20 years of experience in the hardware gaming industry.
Our first product series, the Super Converters, make your old gamepads, joysticks, racing wheels and other controllers compatible with your new consoles. Breathing life into favorite, old controllers that had fallen into disuse, the Super Converters allow you to save money while having fun. Flexible, adaptable and colorful, Brook is the chameleon of gaming.
As for the future, we always try to anticipate what the world’s gamers will need tomorrow. Like a chameleon lurking away on a rainforest branch, we are determined to create more, cutting-edge gaming accessories that work untroubled in the background while you enjoy your game.