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Cross-Platform Controller Converter

Use new generation controllers
to enjoy the classic PlayStation world.

Wingman PS2, exclusively created by the Brook team, is a cross-platform game controller adapter that allows you to use your favorite next-generation controller to play games on PS2, PS, PS Classic, and other consoles. It provides powerful functions such as turbo and remapping, giving you more freedom to operate during gameplay.

In 2023, the Wingman PS2 adapter won the Red Dot Design Award, one of the world's most influential design awards. The award represents high recognition for the innovative product design of the Brook brand, as well as acknowledgement of Brook's continuous efforts to enhance the gaming experience for players. Now, let Wingman PS2 awaken your nostalgic feelings for the dormant retro gaming console, connecting your past, present, and future, and taking you back to the classic world of PlayStation.


Let the Wingman PS2 takes you and your friends into the classic world of PlayStation!