Wireless Controller
Not Only Functions But Gaming Tastes Further Elevate

Supported game consoles : PC

social sharing

The share function helps record films more easily. In addition to sharing films conveniently, the function enables YouTubers and Creators to produce film content.

gaming elevation

The four Macro function buttons newly added on the back of thecontroller allow players who care about gaming skills to use the skills with more flexibilities.

delicate quality

With metallic surface and design of anti-slip texture, the quality of the controller thus enhances.

Delicate Design,
Beyond Ordinary

Not Only Functions But Gaming Tastes
Further Elevate

Steel Knight is a wireless controller, containing three major features of delicate quality, social sharing and gaming elevation.

Besides, Brook allied with the game developing team, Digital Crafter, to include the symbolic circuit diagram of "Fight of Steel", an impulsive fighting game, on the exterior design of Steel Knight.

Fight of Steel, which promotes "ultimate freedom" resembling the free gaming environment Brook is devoted to creating, is the optimal partner for us.

Steel Knight, Just for You Who Care about Gaming Experience.



Game Co-Branding

Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior is a new fighting game with ultimate freedom. Players will have the opportunity to customize their own fighter from the appearance to fighting moves. Build your own STEEL Fighter Now!

The "ultimate freedom" spirit promoted by Fight of Steel resembles the core idea of the gaming environment which Brook is devoted to. Both of us make efforts to provide players with free environment. Grateful for players' support, Brook collaborated with Digital Crafter team to build a role of robot dedicated for Brook this time. Welcome to experience the free gaming spirits with us!

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