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Red dot design
The smallest and lightest
auto Pokémon catcher
Red dot design
The smallest pocket equipment. The smallest pocket equipment. The smallest pocket equipment.

The smallest pocket equipment

The smallest and lightest 2P auto Pokémon catcher! Its 32x32 mm size is slightly larger than a coin and weighs only 10g. Very compact and easy to carry around~

Fully equipped in a compact size. It features "Auto Pokémon catching", "Auto prop collection". It also supports "Dual accounts connection" that connects two accounts in a device! Its "Type-C charging" enables a non stop catching fun with the convenient charging.

In 2023, Auto Catch LIGHT won the Red Dot Design Award, one of the world's most influential design awards. The award represents high recognition for the innovative product design of the Brook brand, as well as acknowledgement of Brook's continuous efforts to enhance the gaming experience for players. Now, grab your Auto Catch LIGHT and let's set off on our journey to become Pokémon Masters together!


Auto catching and prop collecting

Highly stable! Highly efficient!

Anytime You don’t have to worry about missing the chances to catch Pokémon or supply items!

* The connection distance can reach up to 10 meters. Factors such as the shelter of the site affect the actual connection distance.

Extremely easy to carry around

Super mini! Easy to carry!

Auto Catch LIGHT's 32*32mm size, slightly larger than a coin, is very easy to carry by hanging it in a keychain, or putting it in bag or pocket.

An easy and intuitive design

Super simple! Super easy!

Auto Catch LIGHT has the most simple and intuitive design, only two buttons are needed to complete the dual account connection. Different game states are conveyed by different light combinations and displays.

RGB signal display

New Pokémon discovered
Awaiting bluetooth connection
Connection successful
Pokémon not caught / Out of Pokéballs
Waiting / Bag is full
Color changing
The green, red, and blue lights ash alternately. Pokémon caught / Pokéstop items collected.

* Different brightness and blinking indicate different status. Please read the manual.

Dual accounts connection at the same time

Dual play! Super fun!

Auto Catch LIGHT features" Dual accounts connection "!

It works with two accounts in one or two phones!

More convenient charging

Super easy! Super convenient!

Featuring " Type-C " charging. You can directly charge Auto Catch LIGHT with the bundled " Dual Type-C " cable by connecting to other device with Type-C port! Making your catching non-stop without worrying about the battery level!

* The specially designed cable cannot be used to charge other phones or devices.

Various accessories available

Super easy to match! Great looking!

Auto Catch LIGHT is the same size as Air Tag. Besides the bundled leather case, it also fits *some of Air Tag's accessories. You can build it whatever you want!

* Since there are buttons on both sides of Auto Catch LIGHT, it only fits the accessories with openings on both sides.


Exclusive application "Pocket Center ", designed to support Auto Catch LIGHT, Watchic Plus, Reviver Plus, Reviver Dia Plus, and Auto Catch Plus. Providing you with the convenience of easily configuring all settings for Pocket Auto Catch products, while enjoying real-time firmware updates to ensure you always have the latest features and experience the best Pokémon-catching fun.

Disconnected Push Notification

Auto Bluetooth Pairing

Specially designed for Android users, the Pocket Center app features the exclusive "Disconnected Push Notification" function, providing instant alerts on the device's connection status to ensure you never miss any crucial moments. Additionally, there is an "Auto Bluetooth Pairing" function, eliminating the pairing steps for a quick game connection, allowing you to start your adventure immediately.


Auto Reconnect

To further enhance your user convenience, we introduce the subscription service with the "*Auto Reconnect" feature, letting you bid farewell to connection issues and continuously enjoy the Pokémon-catching excitement.

*The "Auto Reconnect" feature currently supports only Android systems. Support for iOS systems is actively in progress; please stay tuned!


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