Ultimate Component
for PS5 fighting games
Perfect Fusion Beyond Limits

Precise control, Dominate the PS5 Fighting Game Hall of Fame!

UFB-Fusion (Universal Fighting Board-Fusion), is a new type of fighting board that continues the function of UFB fighting board and can be used in PS5 fighting games. It is a fighting board specially developed for all players who like fighting games.

UFB-Fusion has the lowest operation input lag and the widest compatibility of game consoles. Compatibility includes PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Retro Mini and PC and other mainstream game console platforms, allowing you to freely shuttle between various platforms.

In addition, UFB-Fusion fully complies with the competition regulations, you can play freely in various fighting game competitions, master the rhythm of the game, and be invincible!

PS5 Fighting Games / PS4 / PS3
Switch / Wii U
All Gens of Xbox
XB Original / XB 360 /
XB 1 / XB X|S
Retro Mini
PS Classic / MD mini / NeoGeo mini / Astro mini
Windows / Mac