Wingman XE

EXTREME converter for Playstation!
Play has No limit on PS3 & PS4
And compatible PS4 game on PS5
Support to use Xbox & Elite Series controllers, PS5 / PS4 / PS3 / Switch Pro, even ASTRO CITY mini / MEGA Drive mini controller included.


Wingman XB

You are loyal to Xbox still need another controller, yep.

Now you can use PS5, PS4, PS3, XSX|S, Xbox One, Xbox 360Switch Pro, SEGA Astro CityMEDA Drive mini controller on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Original Xbox.
Support Taiko drum controller on Xbox.
Support Flight Stick Now!


Wingman NS

Make PS and Xbox controller serve your Switch.
Use PS / Xbox controller and arcade stick on your Switch.


Wingman SD

May the force be with Saturn and Dreamcast...forever.
200 blocks of DC memory
(Firmware upgrade required)!
Support vibration!

Now, it's time to use Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller to play Shenmue!
Let PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Switch Pro Controllers insert more power to Saturn and Dreamcast!


Wingman SNES


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Wingman PS2

Your game · Your memory
Cross-Platform Controller Converter
Use new generation controllers to enjoy the classic PlayStation world.

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PS3 to PS4 Super Converter

Use your wired PS5 / wireless PS3 controllers to play PS4.
Compatible with gamepads, dance mats, joysticks and racing wheels, and offers a full list of other features.
Support Sega Genesis USB Arcade Pad (Retro-Bit) and Sega Saturn Slate Grey USB Wired Arcade Pad Controller (Retro-Bit)!


Switch Pro/Xbox One/PS3/PS4 to PS Classic/PS2 Super Converter

Switch Pro/Xbox One/PS3/PS4 to PS Classic/PS2 Super Converter lets you use your Switch Pro/Xbox One/PS3/PS4/PS5 controllers to play games on PS2、PS1 and PS Classic.

Don't forget update firmware to support PS Classic!


Xbox ONE to PS4 Super Converter

Use your Xbox Series X|S (wired use) / Xbox one controllers to play PS4.
It is compatible with gamepads, dance mats, joysticks and racing wheels, and offers a full list of other features.
And Compatiable PS4 game on PS5.


Brook Vivid Wireless Controller for Switch

Loveliness, warmth, and friendliness design.
Compatible with: Switch, Andorid, ios, PC

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Auto Catch Plus

 Ultimate Accessories 
Upgrading for Trainers!
Endless fun of catching Pokémon!

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Reviver Plus

Revive your Pokémon GO life!
Upgrade and Fashion!

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Auto Catch Lightning

 Auto catch Pokemon, 
 Auto collect items! 

Simple is the best, your Pokemon life doesn't need to be complicated. 


Pocket Auto Catch

The Ultimate Accessory for Trainers!

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Burn tires, not soul!
Racing Wheel Converter

For Your Racing Wheel’s Solution!

- Support XBOX SERIES X|S -


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