Brook Vivid Wireless Controller for Switch

Loveliness, warmth, and friendliness design.
Compatible with: Switch, Andorid, ios, PC

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Brook-Vivid fusion loveliness, warmth, and friendliness design.
Bringing users great time together.
Including abundant button functions.


Perfect Match Of Comfort


Aqua Blue / Sunshine Yellow

The energetic color matches a wonderful streamlined design.
Take handling comfort as the top priority while designing products.
Easy to control without sore hands while experiencing the games.

Excellent Battery Life



The battery life astonishingly reaches more than 10 hours.
Controller adopting high-quality professional lithium battery.
Experiencing on outstanding battery life.

Bring Handier Turbo Function



Support combo frequency adjustment in three levels.
Turning on Turbo mode to eliminate.
Player trouble in pressing buttons nonstop.
Not only enhance the game motion but also increase the product life of buttons.

Macro Recording Mode



AR AL button Recording.
Enable Macro Mode.
Assist players in recording 1 to 25 buttons to edit the game shortcuts.
Settle the difficult operating skills easily just with one button.

Efficiency Shoot mode



Considerate function of AR AL button.
Under Switch Shoot Mode.
Left AL button helps lower the sensitivity of left joy stick.
Right AR button helps lower the sensitivity of right joy stick.

The Vibration Gaming Feedback



Adopt the newly-designed motor to adjust intensity of vibration in four levels.
Support intensity of environmental vibration in 0/50%/70%/100%.
Offer the most truthful gaming situation effect.



Where To Buy

Brook Vivid- Wireless Controller (Aqua Blue)


Brook Vivid- Wireless Controller (Sunshine Yellow)       


 Brook Vivid- Wireless Controller
 (Sunshine Yellow / Aqua Blue)
 Type C cable (White)
 Controller Phone Mount (White)


 Support  PC、macOS、iOS、Android、Switch
 Connection  Bluetooth (10 meter)
 Vibration  Vibration Adjustment in Four Levels
 USB  USB Type-C
 Capacity  Lithium 650mAh
 10~12hr for Continue Gaming
 Charging Time  3-4hr
 Color  Sunshine Yellow / Aqua Blue
 Weight  220g
 Size  L155 x W98 x H60 mm

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