Auto Catch Plus

 Ultimate Accessories 
Upgrading for Trainers!
Endless fun of catching Pokémon!

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Upgrading for Trainers!


With self-developed by Brook technical team, it offers better quality of Auto Catch and Auto Supply.
Besides, the new functions of “Reminder for Disconnection” and “Battery Level Indicator” are added in. It also supports the exclusive APP “Pocket Center” at the same time, allowing you to enjoy “endless fun of catching Pokémon”!


Auto Catch and Collect with High Efficiency


The efficiency of catching Pokémon improves greatly!
Anytime You don’t have to worry about missing the chances to catch Pokémon or supply items!

Battery Capacity Display


You can check the battery level with just a click on the wristband, along with the “Reminder for Low Battery” during the game!
You will take control of the battery status anytime!
Maintain the perfect status to catch Pokémons!


Vibration Reminder for Dissconnection

Once disconnecting with the game, the device will vibrate instantly to remind you!
Maintain the uninterrupted Pokémon catching status!

Exclusive APP Support!!


The exclusive APP “ Pocket Center ” for Reviver Plus、Reviver Dia Plus、Auto Catch Plus only.
Can be used to adjust the wristband settings as well as “Update the Firmware” and “Receive Offline Push Notifications”.

*“Receive Offline Push Notifications” Android System Only.


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  Pocket Auto Catch Plus
  Charging Cable


 CaughtSpeed  High efficiency
 Bluetooth connection  Stable
 Vibration reminder (Catch, Collect)
 Disconnect Vibration
 Push Notification for Disconnect (APP) * Android System Only.
 Android System Only.
 Battery capacity display
 Firmware Update
 Application Support
 Bluetooth version  4.0 or above

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