Pocket iRecatcher

Auto Reconnection + Auto Speed Tap Artifact

Utilizing Image Recognition & Air Mapping Technology

* Simple Operation
* 100% Physical Principles
* Portable Design
* No third party hack software required 

Product Intro.


Uninterrupted Pokémon Catching

Pocket iREcatcher ensures seamless connectivity even in the face of unexpected disconnection or disruptions between auto catch device and Pokémon Go, ensuring your Pokémon-catching experience remains continuous and uninterrupted.Furthermore, it also features an auto-click mode, providing you with a unique relaxing gaming experience.





Release Your Hands & Enjoy Your Journey 

For many Pokémon players, participating in Gym battles is a daily routine and the only free way to earn PokéCoins. However, the duration of each battle can vary from a few minutes to several hours. In many cases, the mental determination clashes with physical limitations. This struggle unfolds daily in our lives. The speed tapping feature of iRecatcher will be a great helper for every trainer, allowing players to experience the joy of Gym battles with ease and freeing up their hands.


Pocket iRecatcher Is Your Ultimate Companion

iRecatcher is a device that utilizes image recognition and air gesture technology for auto reconnection feature, iRecatcher acts like an eyes that continuously monitors the connection status of Pokémon GO Plus+. Once it detects a disconnection, it will auto tap on the pokeball's icon to initiate reconnection.       



Support Most of Auto Catching Devices 

iRecatcher not only supports the official Pokémon GO Plus+ but also compatible with most of auto catching devices. As long as the device is support one click reconnection, iRecatcher will work on it.


Product Feature


Light Indicator 

 Switching between Auto-Tap Mode and Reconnection Mode

        must be performed while returning to the standby mode.


More Information



ComPatible Cell Phone Models

**The Auto-Reconnection Feature is not applicable to iPad


The Selection of Nano Tapes

The following are recommendations for the choice of nano gel for iPhones. Due to the different panels used in Android phones, the information is provided for reference only.





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