Pocket Charger Cable

Reviver series auto catch wristband charging cable is both rechargeable and fashionable accessory!
It uses recyclable flexible plastic to provide protection for the wristband, preventing damage.
With the non-disassembly charging and OTG function, charging becomes more efficient and convenient!

Charger Cable x Lanyard

Regarding the charging cable designed for Brook Gaming's Reviver series auto catch wristband, it not only serves as a charging cable, but also transforms the wristband into a fashionable pendant!

The cable is wrapped in recyclable flexible plastic to protect the bracelet from damage due to impact or dropping. The "non-detachable charging" and "OTG function" design make charging easier and more convenient!

Compatible Pocket Series: 
Reviver、Reviver Plus、Reviver Dia、Reviver Dia Plus、Meteor、Lightning

Easy Charging

Supports OTG function and charges without disassembling! You can charge the auto catch wristband using a Type-C device, which is more time-saving and convenient!

Convenient to Carry

Transform your wristband into a pendant instantly by storing the cable or attaching a hanging accessory! Enjoy a great life anytime, anywhere, whether at home, in the office, or on the go.

Safety Protection

Made with recyclable flexible plastic and a protective wrap design, Pocket Charger Cable effectively prevents damage from impacts or drops, providing comprehensive protection for your wristband.

Enhanced Durability

Featuring a woven cable design, Pocket Charger Cable greatly enhances the durability of the cable, allowing you to use it for extended periods without worrying about wear and tear issues.



Pocket Charge Cable x1
Compatible   Reviver、Reviver Plus、Reviver Dia、Reviver Dia Plus、Meteor、Lightning
Cable Material   Nylon Braided
Charge   3A/5V(MAX) 
Size   165(+15/-10)x16.5x20.4 mm  
Weight   8g 

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