Wireless Fighting Board

When did you see a wire behind a fighting hero?

Install a wireless fighting board now!

Make your arcade stick become wireless device

The only wireless fighting board in the world

Compatible with: PS4 / PS3 / SW / PC(X-Input)

Support tournament mode!

Support play PS4 Games on PS5!

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The PS4+ Audio & Wireless fighting board supports to be used wired or wirelessly on PS4/PS3/NS/PC, it also supports LED, 3DVR, touch key and audio(PS4 only) function.


  • PS4 / PS3 / SW / PC(X-Input) support
  • 3DVR support
  • Wireless / Wired support
  • 3.5mm audio connector support (PS4)
  • Built-in SOCD cleaner
  • Touchpad support (PS4)
  • Turbo function support
  • No timeout issue
  • Effortless installation
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Two analog sticks support
  • Tournament mode support


How To Use

Wired use

        1. Hold down the button

        - 1P for PS3

        - 2P for PS4

        - 1K for NS

        - 2K for PC(XID)

        2. While holding down the button, connect the board to according console to use


Note: The default is in PS4 mode if the designated button is not hold down upon plug-in, and it can be simply connected to PC without pressing any button.


Wireless use

PS3/PS4/NS: Wired used for the first time. For wireless use in the future, press the PS key, the board will reconnect with the console.

PC: Hold down SHARE, then hold down PS Key for 2 seconds. If you have installed Player LED, then you’ll see the LED intermittently flash, which shows the board has entered wireless pairing mode. At the moment, you should see « Wireless Controller« in your Bluetooth device list to pair.


Battery and Charge

To fulfill the wireless use function, a battery is needed, and you can choose PS3/PS4 official controller’s battery for the PS4+ Audio & Wireless fighting board. When the battery is charging without connecting the board to console, you would see breathing light on player LED. 

 *Don't forget to make sure the insertion of battery is correct.






How to switch Wireless Fighting Board (WFB) between PS4 And Nintendo SWITCH









How to use Wireless Fighting Board (WFB) wired and wireless on Nintendo Switch






How to use Wireless Fighting Board (WFB) wired and wireless on PS4





How to connect

Button Configuration

How to Switch Between LS / RS / DP Mode

Tournament Mode (Wired)

While connecting your USB cable, holding down 3P in conjunction with the keys listed below will disable wireless mode:

1P for PS3

2P for PS4


2K for PC(XID)

While in this mode, the WFB will remain in Tournament Mode and will no longer connect wirelessly to consoles when pressing the PS/Home.

To return to standard Wireless functionality, hold down the following keys while connecting your USB cable to your console:

1P for PS3

2P for PS4


2K for PC(XID)


PS3/PS4/NS Audio & Wireless Fighting Board---x1

Type-B USB & Audio board---x1

10-pin connector cable---x1



SMA to IPEX cable---x1



This product requires an external PS3/PS4 battery pack for wireless connection with the PS4/PS3/SW console.

Support Touch Key input in PC mode (Button 7) when firmware updated.