The Brook UNIVERSAL FIGHTING BOARD PCB supports Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U, PC, Switch,  NEOGEO mini and PS Classic.


lMulti-console support

Compatible with Xbox One / Xbox 360 / PS4 / PS3 / PC / Wii U / PS Mini


lNo timeout issue
No 8-minute timeout issue on PS4


lBuild in SOCD cleaner


lEffortless installation
Screw terminal block for easy connections


lTurbo support
Turbo functions are supported


lUpgradable firmware
Upgrade firmware via USB


lPS4 controller touchpad button simulation


lXInput support


lConsole auto detection

The only console (PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One) auto detection design in the market


lManual selection:

Support manual selection of PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 mode and Wii U, suggest be set to Xbox 360 mode on PC.

Manual Mode:
step 1 : Press button:
       1P for PS3 
       2P for PS4
       3P for Xbox 360
       4P for Xbox One

       1K for Wii U - Pokken Tournament     

       2K for Original Xbox

       3K for Neogeo Mini

       1P+2P together for PS Classic


step 2 : While Pressing connect fightstick to PC


lPS2 games compatible with PS3:

   step1. For playing PS2 game on PS3 console, press and hold 1P on the fight stick in

      the main page of PS2 game.

   step2. While pressing, connect fight stick to PS3.



   1.In order to prevent unexpected errors, we recommend you switch to Xbox 360 mode

      manually before plugging in to PC which runs on OS earlier than Win 10.

      2.In the case states above, you will need to unplug our device after playing and go

      step 1 again after rebooting.


lSupport PSMini:

      Hold down □△ and plug it to PS Mini to use





Emulate function


Touchpad Emulate



LS, RS, DP Emulate

For those who don't have LS, RS, DP switch, it's able to press combo keys for 3 seconds to swich between LS, RS, DP modes.

Support to play games on NeoGeoMini.

Hold down R2 and plug UFB to NeoGeoMini to play. 

There are 5 mapping layouts. Switch between different layouts when UFB is plugged to NeoGeoMini

The layout can be memorized even if UFB is unplugged.

(1)TYPE A:  PS +(default)
        (2)TYPE B:  PS +

        (3)TYPE C:  PS +R1
        (4)TYPE D:  PS +

        (5)TYPE E:  PS ++R2

  Refer to the product introduction page for the mapping chart.


Verification to Nintendo Switch


1.     Manual Mode Support Nintendo Switch

step 1 : Press button:

     1P for PS3 
     2P for PS4
     3P for Xbox 360
     4P for Xbox One

           1K for Wii U - Pokken Tournament and Nintendo Switch    

           2K for Original Xbox

step 2 : While pressing, connect fightstick to corresponding console


   **Refer to UFB introduction page for button configuration

Verification  –  Switch (New)

4 steps to contact Nintendo Switch.


Press X (A) button and plug USB port to your Switch.




Select the controllers setting button on Switch with the joycon



Select the “Change Grip/Order



The controller symbol will appear when pairing is complete.


Button Configuration


Pokken Tournament Pro Pad Button Configuration


Connecting details