Xbox 360/Xbox One to SW Super Converter

Xbox 360/Xbox One to SW Controller Adapter lets you use your Xbox 360/Xbox one controllers to play Switch.




You can use your favorite Xbox360/XboxOne controllers on Switch.

It not only saves your budget, but also much easier for you to play. 

Connect the converter with your controller, plug into Switch, and enjoy it!




Button Configuration

  • Xbox360/One to Wii U/Switch Controller Adapter automatically recognizes Xbox360/One controllers for use on Switch.
  • No toggling is required.


LS, RS, DP Emulate

How to Connect


  • Each Brook Super Converter can only handle one wireless Xbox360/XboxOne controller at a time.
  • The converter is not compatible with PC.
  • On Switch, go to System Setting è Controllers and Sensors, and turn on Pro Controller Wired Communication before you can use it



The list below indicates the controllers/sticks/wheels that have been tested to be compatible or not compatible with the converter.
For those controllers/sticks/wheels which are not listed indicates that they have not been tested yet.

Go to Contact Us for assistance or suggestion.



  • BD&A:POWER A FUS1ON Tournament Controller for Xbox one
  • HORI:Xbox 360 Reak Arcade Pro.VX SA
  • HORI:Fighting Edge 刃 for Xbox 360
  • HORI:Blazblue Stick
  • HORI:PRO.V 隼 [XBO-004]
  • HORI:HORIPAD for Xbox one [XBO-001]
  • HORI:Soul Calibur 4 fighting stick for Xbox 360
  • Joytron:Paewang Revolution
  • KDIT:King Snake Metal Arcade Fight Stick 2013
  • KDIT:King Snake Metal Arcade Fight Stick 2014
  • MadCatz:Mad Catz Ultra Street Fighter® IV Arcade FightStick™ Tournament Edition 2 for Xbox 360
  • MadCatz:Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 
  • MadCatz:Arcade FightStick PRO for Xbox 360
  • Mayflash:Arcade Fightstick F300 for PS4 /PS3 /XBOX One/ XBOX 360/ PC
  • PDP:Xbox One Mirror's Edge Catalyst Wired Controller
  • PDP:PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox One
  • Razer:Atrox (悍猛狂獅)
  • Razer:Razer Wildcat- Gaming Controller for Xbox One
  • SCUF:Professional Gaming Controller For Xbox One
  • AKISHOP:Akishop PS360+
  • QANBA:Q4 Q4RAF Black PS3 & Xbox 360 & PC Joystick (Fightstick)







Not Compatible:

  • HITBOX:HOTBOX Fighting Stick for Xbox One
  • POWERA:A Soectra Illurnunated Controller
  • POWERA:A Fusion Controller for Xbox One
  • PDP:Mortal Bombat X Fight Pad for Xbox One and Xbox 360