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Racing Wheel Converter

For Your Racing Wheel’s Solution!

Compatible with PS3 / PS4 / XBOX SERIES X|S / Xbox 360 / Xbox One / Switch

20230821 firmware update (V2.5.01)
1. Fix the problem that the steering wheel has no force feedback in F1 2023(XBOX One Version)



Ras1ution (Raslution) Include all Brook Gaming technology, the great evolution of Brook Super Converter.

You can play all kinds of racing games on different consoles with your favorite device by Ras1ution!





- Support PS3, PS4, XBOX SERIES X|S, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

- Support different kinds of racing wheel controllers

- Use a mobile App to update firmware and set rotation angles easily

- Enjoy the lag-free game experience

  • Evolution of Converter
  • Brook HUD
  • Customize setting
  • Ras1ution app update
  • Sports car design
  • Detachable braided cable
  • Easy to take and control
  • Support force feedback
    (vibration emulation on Xbox 360/ Switch)

The best partner for a racing game! 


Oki Daigo:


Axe Game:


Friendly HUD


Brook HUD makes it easy to understand the profiles you are using. You don't need to set it up by memory or sixth sense!





Brook offers the Ras1ution app. You can download it from the App store / Google play.

After connecting your mobile device to ras1ution by Bluetooth, you can set and save different modes as needed. (The profiles will save in your phone, and you can use it no matter where you are.)

Customize setting

Ras1ution is not only powerful to support several consoles and racing device but also great for user customize, make every user have the best experience in a racing game!

Try to set "Force feedback strength" to adjust feedback strength from steering wheel, or set "Steering range" to adjust wheel sensitivity!

Note 1:

For force feedback, it is supported in steering wheel modes.
In controller modes, it's not force feedback, it's vibration emulation.

Note 2:
For steering range, you can set the steering angle of your wheel, not the maximum steering range in the game.




Users can update the Ras1ution firmware via the app (Bluetooth) or set up different profiles, which can be saved on mobile devices wherever they are used.

Detachable braided cable

An often-forgotten detail is the look and feels of the cable, Ras1ution comes with detachable braided high-quality cable, making it not only look great but also more durable.


How to use





1. Connect the Ras1ution converter to the console

2. Connect your racing wheel to USB port 1

3. Press the start button to choose the platform (switch on the left or right key) and press the start button again to save

4. You can set the force feedback strength (+/- 5 stages to adjust feedback strength from steering wheel)/steering range (+/- 5 stages to adjust wheel sensitivity)/ Language on menu and press start button to save

5. In force feedback strength and steering range pages, you can press the left or right key to increase or decrease, and press the start button to save.

6. In setting pages, you can press down key to resume default setting or press up key back to the menu.

7. Brook supply the Ras1ution app, you can download from App store/Google play to set and save the mode as you wish (this profile will save in your mobile, you can connect it no matter where you are)

8. You can connect to PC or using Bluetooth to update the firmware of Ras1ution

Switch Setting



On Switch, go to System Settings -> Controllers and Sensors, and turn ON Pro Controller Wired Communication.

Where to buy




Germany           Spain   


Japan               Korea   








The list below indicates the wheels that have been tested to be compatible or not compatible with the converter.

For those wheels which are not listed indicates that they have not been tested yet.

* For using accessories like paddles/ gear shifter, it is suggested to use with the wheel from the same brand. It is not guaranteed to work with wheels from different brands.

Simagic Alpha mini + GT1/GT4 wheel+P2000-R pedal
Simagic Alpha + GT1/GT4/GTC (GT PRO) FX/FX Pro wheel+P2000-R pedal
Simagic Alpha mini+GT1/GT4/GTC(GT PRO)FX/FX Pro wheel+P2000-R pedal
Simagic Alpha + GT1/GT4/GTC (GT PRO) FX/FX Pro wheel
+ P2000-R pedal+ Simagic DS-8X Shifter
Simagic Alpha U + GT1/GT4/GTC (GT PRO) FX/FX Pro wheel
+ P2000-R pedal+ Simagic DS-8X Shifter
Simagic Alpha mini + GT1/GT4/GTC (GT PRO) FX/FX Pro wheel
+ P2000-R pedal+ Simagic DS-8X Shifter
GTR RS30 Ultra Wheel + V3 Pro Pedals (no hand brake)
Hori Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini
Logitech : Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel
Logitech : G25 
Logitech : G27 
Logitech : G29 
Logitech : G920
Logitech G923 (PS4 version、XBOX version)
Logitech : Logitech Driving Force Pro
Logitech : MOMO
HORI : RWA (PS4 mode/Steering/DP)
Microsoft : Wireless Racing Wheel (Xbox360 Wireless receiver required)
MOZA Port 1:
Base【R5】+ Wheel【ES | FSR | CS V2 | RS V2 | GS V2】+ Pedal SR-P Lite(Connect to the ethernet port of base)
Base【R9 V2】+ Wheel【ES | FSR | CS | RS | GS | CS V2 | RS V2 | GS V2】
Base【R9 | R16 | R21】+ Wheel【FSR | CS | RS | GS | CS V2 | RS V2 | GS V2】
MOZA Port 2:
MOZA HUB【Handbrake HBP & Shifter HGP &  Pedal SR-P Lite】(Connect to the ethernet port of MOZA hub)
Handbrake HBP
Shifter HGP
Pedal CRP(USB Only, Not applicable to MOZA Hub)
Pedal SR-P(USB Only, Not applicable to MOZA Hub)
Fanatec: CSL Elite PS4 (LED purple)
Fanatec DD pro(PS4 mode)
FlashFire ES500R HURRICANE WHEEL(Set to PS4 Mode)
ThrustMaster T128
Thrustmaster-T150(Set to PS3 Mode)
Thrustmaster-T150 PRO(Set to PS3 Mode)
Thrustmaster-T300 Ferrari GTE(Set to PS3 Mode)
Thrustmaster-T300RS GT Edition(Set to PS3 Mode)
Thrustmaster-T300 Ferrari Integral Alcantara® Edition(Set to PS3 Mode)
Thrustmaster-T150 Ferrari Wheel Force Feedback(Set to PS3 Mode)
Thrustmaster-T500 RS(Set to PS3 Mode)
Thrustmaster-T60 Racing Wheel
Thrustmaster-T80 Ferrari 488(PS4)
Thrustmaster- Ferrari 458 Italia
Thrustmaster- TMX Force Feedback
Thrustmaster- TMX Pro Force Feedback
Thrustmaster- TX
Thrustmaster- TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition
Thrustmaster- TS-XW
Thrustmaster- Ferrari 458 Spider
ThrustMaster TGT(other mode)
ThrustMaster TGT II(other mode)
ThrustMaster T248 (Xbox version)
ThrustMaster TH8A 
( plug to USB port2 on Ras1ution, it’s not supported in PS3 wheel mode)
Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals

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