P5 PLUS Fighting Board

Conquer with Speed, Play with Power 
Your PS5-Compatible Battle Mate!


Customized for PS5 fighting games, this board offers compatibility with a variety of gaming platforms, including PS4, PS3, Switch, and PC. It features ultra-low latency speed, delivering an unparalleled response time for an unmatched gaming experience.



PS5 (Fighting game) / PS4 / PS3 / Switch / PC


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P5 mini Fighting Board

Powerful Punch,

mini-Sized Crunch!


P5 Mini Fighting Board gets a major upgrade, breaking the boundaries of fighting games!

Ultra-compact, low latency, compliant with tournament regulations, and supports playing PS5 fighting games on a PS5 console!



PS5 (Fighting game) / PS4 / PS3 / Switch / PC



 Ultimate Component 
 for PS5 fighting games 

Perfect Fusion Beyond Limits
UFB and UFB-UP5 merged, extending UFB capabilities, now compatible with PS5 fighting games. Designed for fighting excellence!

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 Enchant your stick 
​ With Lowest Latency in the world 

The Brook UNIVERSAL FIGHTING BOARD PCB supports XB Series, PS4, PS3, Wii U PC, Switch,  NEOGEO mini, PS Classic and MD mini. Low-delay design give you the best game experience.
Support Brook UFB-UP5 !




 Ultimate Support for PS5 
 The Infinite Evolution of Your 
 Fighting Game Experiences!

The Upgrade Kit makes Brook Fighting Board fully compatible with PlayStation®5!
(fighting game only, it doesn't support other types of game)


Wireless Fighting Board

The only wireless fighting board in the world

Compatible with: PS4 / PS3 / SW / PC(X-Input)
Support Capcom Tournament mode!


PS4+ Audio Fighting Board

“More voice,
   better than none.”

The Brook Fighting Board  PCB supports PS3 and PS4 arcade, sticks.
Compatible with: PS4 / PS3 / PC / SWITCH
Support Brook UFB-UP5!


Zero-Pi Fighting Board / Zero-Pi Fighting Board EASY

Time to build an arcade stick for your SWITCH!
Full-Compatible with BROOK Fighting Cable
For Effortless Installation, New EASY version with Screw Terminal block is ready!

Compatible with:
PS3 / PS2 / PS / Retro Gaming System / SWITCH


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