• Q1.Can the official Pokemon Go plus be used?

    The latest version of Pokémon Go Plus+can be used. Just simply enable the auto-reconnect option in the game settings and you are ready to go. Unfortunately, for the older version of the official Pokémon Go Plus (the teardrop-shaped accessory) does not have this setting and cannot be used in this manner.

  • Q2.Can all iPhone models be used with it ?

    Currently, the Brook iRecatcher is only compatible with iPhone X (no Home button) and later versions. Versions earlier than iPhone 8 are not currently supported

  • Q3.Can it be used with an iPad ?

    we are really sorry that the auto-reconnection does not work on an iPad, due to the system setting issue.

  • Q4.Can iphones with a Lightning port be used ?

    In the product package, we include a Lightning OTG cable. This not only allows for powering the device using the phone but also enables simultaneous charging.

  • Q5.Will using iRecatcher get banned ?

    No! iRecatcher employs image recognition technology to determine connection status and simulates human hand clicks through air mapping. This design fully mimics a person watching the game and performing manual clicks. Additionally, there is absolutely no third-party software intervention during usage.

  • Q6.The Pokeball was clearly aimed and positioned correctly, but it still ran away afterwards

    iRecatcher uses a special nano-washable adhesive with inherent elasticity. Therefore, when setting up automatic reconnection, please install it by gently pressing from top to bottom to avoid any issues of the device shifting after installation.

  • Q7.Can it be used with an Android phone?

    Due to the wide variety of phone models and display types, currently only a small number of Android phones are known to be compatible. We will continue to update the list of supported devices. If you are interested in using iRecatcher but do not see your phone model on the supported list, feel free to send us a message or leave a comment in the comment section. We will prioritize testing for that specific phone model.

  • Q8.if iRecatcher is powered by the phone, what should i do if the phone runs out of batterys?

    If it is an iPhone 14 or below models(with a Lightning charging port), iRecatcher comes with an included OTG charging adapter, allowing the phone to charge while supplying power. For iPhone 15 models (with a Type-C charging port), it is recommended to use a standard Type-C power supply device to provide power to iRecatcher.

  • Q9.Does the product come with a warranty?

    Products from Brook come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty regardless of where they are purchased.

  • Q10.What are the supported and unsupported catchers?


    1. Pokemon Go Plus+

    2. Auto Catch LIGHT

    3. Watchic Plus

    4. Auto Catch Plus

    5. Reviver Dia Plus

    6. Reviver Plus

    7. Auto Catch Meteor

    8. Auto Catch Lightning



    1. Auto Catch CARRY

    2. Pocket  DIY

    3. Auto Catch Reviver Dia

    4. Pocket Auto Watchic

    5. Pocket Auto Catch

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