• Q1.Firmware Update - PS4+ Audio Fighting Board

    Q: I don’t know how to do firmware update, how can I do?


    A: There’s firmware update guide for you to download and read.

         You can download it from Brook’s official website.

         Go to “Support è Download”

         Brook’s official website download page:


    Q : I have some problem with firmware update.


    A : Should you have any problem, please try the troubleshooting methods as below :


    a.   Make sure it recognizes " WPM USB " device (update mode) in Device and Printers on PC then to do firmware.  
    b.   Make sure you download the correct file.
    c.   Switch another USB port and retry.
    d.   Disable antivirus and retry.
    e.   Run the program as administrator.
    f.    Restart PC and retry.
    g.   Restart firmware and retry.
    h.   Use another PC and retry.
    i.    Disconnect, reconnect and retry.
    j.    Use other network.
    K.   Shorten cable length/Use another cable and retry.
    l.    If you have installed ZeroPlus Driver before, remove it and retry.

    m.   Use VPM and retry.

    If you have tried all the methods above and your problem still exists, log on to Brook’s official website, go to “Contact us” for assistance.


    Q : Do I need to do firmware update if there's new release ?


    A : As long as you can use the converter without any problem, you don't have to do firmware update.


    Q : I try to update the firmware for my fighting board , It keeps giving me the message

    " Downlaod file failed  " and "The remote server returned an error: 227 " ,  What can i do ?


    A : 

        Download the offline firmware verssion , then update again.

        Unzip password : Brook      

  • Q2.Defective - PS4+ Audio Fighting Board

    Q : My converter used to work perfectly, but now it doesn’t seem to work anymore, it seems to be defective.

    Please try the troubleshooting methods as below:

    1. Make sure you have followed a firmware update guide to do firmware update first. 

    2. Make sure the converter LED is on when it is plugged in Console/PC.

    3. Switch another USB port and retry.

    4. Use other fighting sticks/controllers and retry.

    5. Switch to other mode on fighting sticks and retry. 

    6. Connect the PS4+ Audio Fighting Board to PC, then press buttons in Device and Printers, and make sureif it works. 


    If it doesn't help, please contact your original place of purchase for assistance.
    For further assistance, please log on to Brook's official website, go to“Contact us", and leave your message, we will contact you soon.

  • Q3.Other Technical Questions - PS4+ Audio Fighting Board

    Q : I have connected PS4 Audio Fighting Board and UFB-UP5, but it cannot play PS5 fighting games and shows "PS5 games cannot be played with the current  controller"?  What can I do?

    A :

    a : Update the firmware.
    b : Check the red wire is the position of Pin 1.
    c : Check UFB-UP5 component damage or not .
    d : Reassemble the red wire VDD_5V and the black wire GND.





    Q : When I connect the PS4 Audio Fighting Board to the Switch dock, the PS4 Audio Fighting Board won't connect?


    A : Before you connect the controller to the Switch dock, make sure you have turned on "Pro Controller Wired Communication" in System Settings on Switch.
    B : Reboot Switch and try again.
    C: Try another USB port.



    Q : When I connect PS4 Audio Fighting Board to PS4 / PS3 / SW / PC, it keeps moving up and left?


    A : Make sure J14 (3DVR) is connected to Jumper.



    Q : Installation Dimensions


    PS4 Audio Fighting Board :


    UFB-UP5 : 


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