• Q1.Other Technical Questions - Pocket Energy

    Q: How much voltage does it need to charge Pocket Energy?

    A: It's 5V.


    Q: What does the LED on Pocket Energy indicate when it is charging?


       1. Red: Charging

       2. Blue: Full power


    Q: What does the LED on Pocket Energy indicate when it is not charging?


       1. Intermittent red: The voltage is lower than 3.5 V, you my consider charging it.


    Q: How long does it take to charge?

    A: 3.5 hour at 60mA.


    Q: How long can it be used before the power runs out?

    A: It varies according to different using habits.


    Q: It just cannot be charged anymore.

    A: Please refer to the video link for adjustment (start from 0:15)


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