• Q1.What are the Super Converters?

    The Brook Super Converters are small USB devices that let you play PS4
    with your PS3 controllers, Xbox One with your PS3 controllers etc.

  • Q2.How do the Super Converters work?

    Connect the Super Converter to the controller input of a gaming console;
    then connect a gaming controller to the Super Converter.

  • Q3.What are the benefits of the Super Converters?

    The Super Converters let you use old and third party controllers across
    platforms and generations. This allows for great cost savings!
    There are other products that serve the same purposes, but the Brook
    Super Converters offer significant benefit over them all: Installation is
    dead simple and can be done without original controllers, there is no need
    to reset the connection every Xth minutes, 3rd party controllers are
    supported, vibration and turbo functions are supported and there is no
    noticeable lag.

  • Q4.What do the Super Converters look like?

    The Super Converters look like ordinary USB memory sticks.